Santa Claus Sighted Parachuting in Shenandoah and New York

What’s it like seeing Santa Claus gliding down in a parachute? 

It’s not something you see every day. For the children and the young-at-heart, Santa Claus is always pictured in a sleigh with the reindeer and his elves. But this one’s an exception. In Shenandoah, Santa and his elves arrived in there in an impressive entrance by parachuting from an airplane on Friday after Thanksgiving. 

The Annual Santa DropStern and Stern - Nylon Fabrics Nov 2013image

It was the Seventh Annual Santa Drop – a holiday tradition that has been awaited by everyone a day after Thanksgiving. This year, the drop pushed through as the wind speeds and cloud cover had been more cooperative than last year. The event was cancelled last year due to upward high winds which made Santa arrive by fire truck instead.

Santa Drop in Shenandoah

On November 29, 2013, Santa Claus, accompanied by his two elves made a sterling performance jumping from the plane at noon and drifted to the ground using their personal ram-air or rectangular parachutes in dominantly blue and yellow nylon fabrics – a material strong enough that can create a drag to slow the motion of an object. Santa’s elves were more daring as they did some spins before finally touching down at the Shenandoah Valley’s Veteran’s Memorial Stadium where the cheering crowd welcomed them.

Stern and Stern - Nylon Fabrics Nov 2013628x471Santa Drop in New York

In New York, the traditional Santa Drop happened at the Ellms Christmas Tree Farm on November 30, 2013 in Ballston Spa, NY. Santa went gliding down sans his elves or reindeer. Families and visitors eagerly looked up the skies for a chance to see a familiar figure in his famous red suit and his rectangular red, white and blue parachute hovering above them. 

Several hundred people did not mind the cold weather and lined the fence around the football field in Shenandoah to get a good view of Santa floating in. Families in NY traveled to the Ellms Christmas Tree Farm for two reasons – to get their Christmas tree and to see Santa up-close.

Bringing Back The Tradition

For Shenandoah, it was a homecoming tradition of sorts. Folks said the tradition had been broken for so long, referring to an incident back in the 1990s when someone from the crowd was injured during a Santa Drop. And every one is just so happy that the Santa Drop finally came back to Shenandoah. It was like Christmas day for most of those who have missed seeing the event unfold before their eyes. 

Santa On Parade

Santa and his two elves made their way to the Christmas-decorated fire truck for a parade which ended with Santa visiting the children at the “Medal of Honor” Post 792 at the American Legion Anthony P. Damato. Santa received treats from the local Police Department and he gave out the treats to the children.

Bringing Back A Happy Childhood

For many people in Shenandoah, bringing back the tradition to the borough was bringing back something that was a part of their happy childhood.


Did it stir something in you?

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